Burlington Northern Express is one of the world’s largest inter-national air freight forwarders but their name  limited them to being a domestic rail carrier by 
             potential customers 
               because of their 150-year 
                 railroading heritage.
BAX Global
Diamond Certified  
BAX Global 
financial services 
  public services
and industrial We elevated their international code B-A-X to the brandname and this simple solution immediately communicated to key global audiences. Our identity kept the green stripes already on their fleet of trucks and aircraft.
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Failure Analysis Associates was started in 1967 by five Ph.D-level researchers in materials science, engineering mechanics and structural analysis. Over the next three decades, they grew into the leading resource to investigate major disasters such as the grounding of the Exxon Valdez, the Federal building bombing in Oklahoma City, reconstruction of events such as the fatal crash of James Dean’s Porsche and the courtroom exhibits for the O.J. Simpson murder trial.
Eventually, the firm grew to 450 with expertise in environmental sciences, transportation, utilities and risk analysis.
They needed to overcome the 
limitations of a name and image
that accurately described, but 
limited them to, only one aspect 
of their growing business.
Exponent Working with our naming partner Lexicon Branding, the name Exponent [meaning “one who expounds or interprets”]  was embraced. We developed a wordmark that elevated the “x” to suggest a scientific notation and used green to support their increasing environmental skills.
Our application system retained the old name as a divisional identifier to leverage its industry recognition while Exponent established itself in the broader category.
Today, the company offers more than 70 different disciplines through a network of 18 offices and three international locations. The staff totals approximately 700 with more than 200 Ph.D.s and M.D.s. 1989
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