Since introducing the new name and identity, the agency has exceeded growth goals for new members, increased volunteer activity, and attracted a staff of high caliber professionals who had not previously considered them. They have demonstrated a nationally recognized leadership role in disaster response, volunteer matching, nonprofit management training and event sponsorships. Laurel Group was asked to help define their positioning and to develop a name and image that would give them better communications efficiency in their market. We recommended a descriptive name that directly claimed leadership for the volunteer and nonprofit sectors in the county. 
Our graphic image reflects institutional confidence with a traditional, formal layout appropriate to an educational entity. Communications support materials (shown below) demonstrate the contemporary graphic application system to contrast with the traditional identity and provide relevance to all aspects of the organization’s public image.
public services KindMark Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership former identity Social Enterprise was started in 2000 by a small group of former United Way executives who recognized the potential of online information to stimulate and enhance donor giving. Aware that many corporations were electing to sponsor their own fund raising campaigns instead of partnering with United Way, the founders needed to create an independent identity for the new “electronic backbone” they envisioned.
Laurel Group was retained to develop the core positioning platform, name, and visual image for the start-up company. We identified a positioning of thought leadership wherein the organi-zation would eventually set and measure the standards for world-wide philanthropic services. Our name, “KindMark” combines the notions of a craftsman’s mark of endorsement with kindness -- the ultimate definition of giving. The symbol carries a regal quality to provide stature traditionally reflecting an official entity. The dot at the top suggests the head of an individual leaning forward.
Our tagline, “The Standard for Giving” reflects the aspiration that electronic commerce will eventually allow the organization to monitor and report giving trends, success factors, cost guidelines, and establish standards of accountability and measurement for the entire philanthropic industry. 

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