Retail gasoline stations operate in a highly competitive arena where price, location and lot size make profit margins razor thin. Highway visibility, efficient self-service, and easy access have become the formula for survival.
Cleanliness, lighting and attention to subtle details make the difference in competitive success.
Our concept for the Hallmark 21  station 
makes the pump island the central 
focus for customers while 
ensuring the food mart 
and auxiliary 

                                                                and comfortable. 
                                                  Implementing the new look meant retrofitting 987 existing service stations. We developed a five level conversion system to give the chain consistency while minimizing the costs to make the change. Following the station upgrades, Chevron realized their branded products needed greater appeal and shelf presence to be competitive beyond their own stations. 
                    We created packaging graphics and 
                    structures for over 250 products in 
                    their retail, industrial and commercial 
                       lubricating products lines, including   
                             an innovative gas tank filler 
                                  container for their engine 
                                   enhancement products    
                                   including Techron® gasoline 
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and industrial 
financial services
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GSK Service Stations Our station design embraces the challenges by covering the entire site with an open trussed canopy, placing the convenience store diagonally on the inner corner of the lot, prominently displaying tires and oil under a single oversized price readout and using an abundance of dark blue surfaces accented by a bright yellow horizontal stripe.
By many standards, the large color mass would be seen as aggressive, but against the backdrop of Japan’s chaotic streetscapes, it is peaceful and relaxing. The perception of station size is enhanced by the open forecourt the overhead fuel pumps allowed.
As a retail package, the station is seen as contemporary, convenient, and appealing. Even the use of Roman lettering in the logotype (the earlier identity was Kanji characters) reinforces the perception of modern service and product leadership. General Sekiyu K.K. is a joint venture with Exxon and a Japanese gasoline retailer. To compete in their domestic market, they sought creative strength from the U.S. reasoning that we would have a fresh perspective on the needs for retail gasoline sales.
Unique circumstances in the Japanese market led us to numerous new insights. Most stations look cramped. Lot sizes are limited, nine-foot fireproof walls encircling stations are required and liberal sign codes create an extremely cluttered visual environment.
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