The results of our work speak for themselves as we have numerous satisfied (and successful) small business clients across a wide range of business, consumer and professional service categories. Miscellaneous
miscellaneous Working on this type of project is an opportunity to stretch our creativity within limited budgets and apply our experience and intuition where the only research is the reaction at implementation. © 2013 Laurel Group, Inc. |  All rights reserved. No reproduction or republication in any form including electronically is permitted without written permission. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Some of our work is providing strategy and design services to local or regional businesses. Many of these clients are start-ups. Some are single office services, consultancies, or retail stores. Carrying on the tradition of Dr. Louis Cheskin, they remain innovators in understanding how imagery effects behavior. Cheskin is the leading provider of research-based customer insights and cultural implications for businesses worldwide. environment where players, parents and teams can work together building skills, discipline and friendships. First Pick Baseball Training Club is a start-up baseball school focused on teaching successful techniques and providing an The symbolism of a microphone and pen nib suggests the successful integration of writing and broadcast. Peggy Fugal is a broadcast copy-writer with extensive experience in radio and television infomercial production. on-time delivery and expertise in all aspects of underground sewer and drainage systems. Geneva Pipe has manufactured concrete pipe for over 30 years. They are known for consistent quality, customizable products, that bring magic and fun to their customers. The jester reinforces their commitment to creativity and problem solving for retailers. Easy Company is a manufacturer’s sales representation firm for the toy industry. They excel in providing a range of private-label products study time. The wordmark suggests expanding minds and the focus on developing the pupil’s maximum potential. TutorMax is an independent tutoring service for K~12 students needing homework help and additional supervised It focuses on making investments in profitable companies located in inner cities that share profits with their employees.
Fletcher Group is named for its founder, Dr. Arthur Fletcher, the “Father of the Affirmative Action Enforcement Movement”. to give them a foothold in the emerging market. Although short-lived as a popular format, PhotoCD was a success for Kodak.
When digital photography began to threaten the core film business of Eastman Kodak, they began exploring alternate technologies
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