Motel 6
“A clean, comfortable room at the lowest price of any national chain” has been the brand promise for Motel 6 for over a decade. Our assignment was to redefine cleanliness by updating the identity.
We retained the blue square of the existing signs and enhanced visibility by replacing the clover design (a throw-back to freeway off-ramps) with a glow around the dominant red numeral 6.
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1973 Retiring the familiar Old English typestyle inside a red box with slanted top, the new signature literally breaks ‘out of the box’ to reflect the spacious, contemporary feeling of Red Roof Inn’s new room design while conveying more energy and personal attention through its handwritten typestyle.
Results from the identity change were an acceleration of franchise sales, increased room occupancy across the 350+ Red Roof Inn properties and a consumer image that leads their competitive category. hospitality
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Accor Hotels had improved the facilities, interiors and amenities of their economy Red Roof Inn brand and engaged Laurel Group to develop a new identity to support the changes. 
Focusing on the business traveler looking for value and relaxation without unnecessary amenities, we sought to visually blend casual hospitality with a bold logo change while retaining the guest loyalty the brand enjoyed.
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