United Way had out-
grown its former 
image of a hand-
out appearing 
to only help a single individual. They had become a dynamic, renewable resource, supporting people of all backgrounds building communities of hope and stability. The new image clearly communicates this expanded focus while suggesting broader community participation by the organization.
Adopted in 1963, the United Way name has come to symbolize fundraising for charitable institutions since 1887. Over the years, however, the organization has expanded its role from simple donation campaigns to comprehensive leadership in building communities and sustaining effective change for millions of individuals and families.
Our initial involvement with United Way of the Bay Area was a request to prepare marketing materials. Our campaign, “Results You Can See,” was directed to donors wanting to know where their money goes and to agencies as a forum for accountability and celebration of their successes.
But the real shift in United Way was more fundamental than a marketing campaign. It is a redefinition of the premise of the organization. 
United Way of the Bay Area
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