Music Corporation of America (MCA) needed a brand positioning that went beyond their music heritage for their global entertainment empire to position the company more clearly to investors. 
Our team developed a communi-cations strategy addressing over 230 subsidiaries including film studios, theme parks, music recording companies, retail stores, and book publishers. 
We recommended changing the corporate name to Universal Studios Entertainment (from MCA/Universal) and leveraging the recognition of the Universal globe from over 75 years of entertainment history to create an umbrella image. © 2013 Laurel Group, Inc. |  All rights reserved. No reproduction or republication in any form including electronically is permitted without written permission. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Our identity system linked all entities with a nomenclature hierarchy and visual architecture that allowed many companies to maintain their own images but communicate their relationship with the parent company. 
Shortly after our strategic directions were in place, the company was purchased by Vivendi International and a few years later controlling interest was bought by General Electric Corporation. 
Today, the enterprise operates under the name NBC/Universal and continues to provide quality entertainment and leadership in film, television, music, games, retail, e-commerce, book publishing, and mobile media. 1921 1936 1963 1946 Sundance Institute for Film and Television Founded by actor Robert Redford, the Sundance Institute is dedicated to the development of artists of independent vision and the exhibition of their new work. 
We began our work when the Institute was a fledgling start-up and since its inception, it has grown into an internationally recognized resource for filmmakers and other artists.
The Institute-sponsored annual Sundance Film Festival, is held each January and is considered the premier showcase for worldwide independent film. 
Our roughly-rendered dancing sun symbol in a natural color palette contrasts with the modern logotype to symbolize a balance of natural creativity with thoughtful evaluation, training and execution.
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