With thirty years experience helping to develop the  world’s leading brands, Laurel Group knows how to articulate brand promises and understands the power of appearances to create accurate judgments about a brand. We study the expectations of stakeholders, assess the competitive landscape and investigate how customers think about the category.
We explore the compelling promises that will give life to the brand in the marketplace and facilitate the process to select the optimum branding platform. We then create the names, identities, packaging and retail facilities that permanently communicate the brand promise to key audiences over time.
Our consultants lead client teams to identify and prioritize the values that are important to a brand’s success. They measure what is being communicated by an existing image and evaluate if adjustments should be made.
Indeed, with each engagement, we carefully assess how to take advantage of existing recognition, preserve valuable equity and leverage the positive assets of an established visual image as part of our strategic analysis and recommendations. For programs where image changes are prescribed, we assemble and direct world-class teams of specialists in naming, nomenclature, design, research, production, implementation, and identity management. 
Our practice is founded on having a senior expert who works directly with management, supervises research, analyzes findings, facilitates client teams, and makes key presentations to customers, staff and stakeholders. 
Our name, Laurel Group, celebrates our commitment to shared laurels and group teamwork to realize maximum value from our clients’ investment in their brands.
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     dr. theodore levitt 
     Professor, Harvard Business School What we do expectations created by two prospective brand identity concepts
(PERCENT OF DEVIATION FROM THE CATEGORY AVERAGE) This chart shows consumer expectations created by two different identity concepts for a popular midscale hotel brand compared to the expectations created by the identities of competitors. 
Using specialized research, Laurel Group identified these perceptions among 1,100 midscale travelers from 37 states. The image communicated by nine leading chains in the category is shown as the red dotted line. 
This information shows which identity candidate is more likely to appeal to specific traveler segments and which competitive advantages are reinforced by each identity.
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